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person on terrazzo flooring

What is terrazzo?

Terrazzo is used as flooring and on walls. It is a material that is made from the offcuts of marble, quartz, granite and glass. A material such as cement also binds it together. Leaving Terrazzo with a completely unique dappled look. The great thing about this material is that you can get all sorts of shapes and colours. Therefore it’s incredibly versatile with the amount of things it can be used for. You may have seen it in churches or even most famously - on the Hollywood walk of fame.

One can argue that Terrazzo dates back to ancient egypt which was when this style of mixing offcuts of granite and marble were first seen, but it was the italians that were responsible for the rise in population. 


How to clean a terrazzo floor

This surface has its disadvantages; it can be very prone to cracking and ages very quickly. This can all be reversed however if you polish it well. If you are cleaning for passover you need to get a good shine. 

How to clean terrazzo floor

Number one: make sure you sweep up any crumbs or dirt you may see. This helps make the place look tidy. 

Number two: use distilled water and mop the floor. It is important that you do this step or the dirt will simply move around and accumulate in another corner.

Number three: dry the floor. Many people do not do this step but drying the floor is one of the most important steps. 

How to polish terrazzo

Polishing terrazzo can completely change the appearance of the material. If you have a heavy duty buffer make sure to use that. If not you can use something else to clean it with. 

How to clean terrazzo

There is also a fair not pf ,maintenance needed on a tile floor. Cleaning them can be a problem.  There are also a lot of aspects to it, as there is with anything but this in particular is prone to breaking.

How to make terrazzo pattern in illustrator

In illustrator, it can be difficult to make terrazzo tiles. What you really have to remember is that this is literally a material made up of random blocks of different sizes, shapes and colours. You should have fun with it! And experiment. You can make some great style patterns

person on terrazzo flooring
person on terrazzo flooring

Where to find terrazzo repair supplies

You can easily find a floor protector in any hardware store. Specialist equipment can be more difficult to source but you will easily find someone that can help with this. That being said 

How to dress terrazzo floors without destroying it

As we know terrazzo floors can be fragile and difficult to keep looking good. We would perhaps suggest sealing the floor as one way to keep it looking good. This will also partially protect it from impact or everyday wear. Terrazzo can also not look great if you have a lot of acid rain or adverse weather. A heavy duty sealant will protect this and once again strengthen it. 

What is the best way to cut Terrazzo

You can either use a shot blaster that will fire tiny pellets at the surfaces this will break the tiles. It is a great way to do it because there is no dust when it comes to shot blasting. 

The other method would be to cut with a diamond blade wet saw. This will be slightly messier but it should be fine.

Make sure for all of these methods you use safety protection, a face mask, gloves and eye shields. 

How do you clean terrazzo floors?

Make sure you do this gently and preferably with distilled water, this will give your floors the best chance in being clean. As well as this make sure you have a great buffer because it is this that makes your floor look the best. you will need to polish floors if they have been used a lot, such has your mud room will need a lot of cleaning.

How to clean and polish terrazzo?

Using a floor buffer or polisher is sure to get you the best results. This being said you still need to make sure you know how to use it. Start from the outside of the room and work your way back over this will get your the best shine. 

You can also do this by hand. how to hand polish terrazzo tiles? This is pretty simple, just get a buffer and off you go. This will become very apparent how to clean dirty terrazzo floors

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