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Tips To Improve Your Interior Design In London

Space is quite expensive in London, we get that but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a house with great interior design. For a costly place like London where rent prices can bleed you dry, every inch of space matters. However, limited space should not deter you from making your house’s aesthetics pleasant-looking. The average cost of rent for a regular two bedroom apartment in London ranges from £1,250 - £1, 800. Getting a bigger one would obviously cost much more.

Being in a small, messy, cluttered house is quite problematic as it often leads to depression and anxiety. On the other hand, a bright, clutter-free place can help increase your productivity and even up your mood.

Here are some Tips To Improve Your Interior Design In London. These tips are also applicable to any person who wants to improve their interior design even if they have a small place. You can choose to bring in an interior designer to help out with your project but why choose to pay an interior designer if you can DIY.

Decide on a Colour Scheme

You should decide on your colour scheme in the beginning. The colour palettes you choose will obviously make a big effect on your room. Having a pale palette will brighten up your room while a darker palette will provide an air of sophistication to your rooms.

Colours will also give your place an interesting personality. Don’t be afraid to try on bold colours and experiment with the effect it will have on your rooms.

brown interior colour scheme
brown interior colour scheme


One mistake that people often do is to fill their houses with so much clutter. We all have items inside our houses that are unnecessary in our day to day life. This could prove to be quite problematic especially if you are living in London as you will have limited space.

With so many items, it can be quite a hazard and obviously, an eyesore. The best thing you should do is to declutter your house by taking out the unnecessary items out of your home. Rent a storage facility near you so that you can bring over the items that are too valuable to throw away or give out. When renting a self-storage facility in London, make an effort to get a good look inside your unit. This will be the place where your items will be stored so it would not be ideal if there are rodents, insects, or mould that could take residence in your belongings. Having said that, it is still best practice to ensure that all of your items are properly sealed and almost airtight.


Set Up Mirrors

Setting up mirrors around your room would be helpful for your desire to have an aesthetically-pleasing room. Mirrors create depth and space. If you have small quarters, the added space that mirrors give will help make your room look more spacious.


Invest in High-Quality Furniture

Another thing that you have to do if you want a great interior design is to invest in high-quality furniture. Beautiful furniture is quite obviously a great way to make your house look the way you want it to be. Getting rustic furniture would bring your visitors back to a much simpler past while buying modern furniture will make you look classy. High-quality furniture would also last you years without acquiring too much damage. Often, many homes are marred by the scene of a scratched couch or chipped table.

You can however, if you're short of funds and you're of a creative mind, create your very own furniture.

But you'll want to first consider the pros and cons of building your own furniture before you go ahead with such a potentially large interior design project.


Use decorations that will add square footage

Put up decor that will add square footage into your house instead of reducing. Mirrors, curtains and flower vases are just some examples of decorations that make your room pop with more space than there actually is.

Sample Wallpapers and Paint

Check out sample wallpapers and paint that will go well with your furniture and decor. Your walls will improve the aesthetics greatly while also adding an imagined space. However, before you make the change permanent, we suggest that you sample them first. Painting your room, again and again, can be quite expensive just because you realize that the colour is not flattering enough, we suggest looking into the history of colour paints, so you can find out what has worked well across generations.

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