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The pros and cons of building your own furniture

Furniture is an important part of every home. Good furniture can improve the looks and comfort of any home. Since bedroom furniture is costly and meant to last for years,  people should carefully choose between buying ready made furniture from the online market or building it at home. Below given are the pros and cons of building your own furniture at home which can help you swing either way whenever you face such a situation:

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Save money. If you build your furniture at home then you can easily save around £2500 to £5000 overall. Since most of the products sold online cost around 10 to 20 times more, it’s a good idea to save money by building your own furniture.

Make money. Most people have a good time while making furniture and with a little practice anyone can master the art of woodworking. You can spend your free time building your own designs and sell them for a reasonable price. You can also take designs from customers or hire a designer in case you find fewer ideas.

You get what you want. When building your own furniture, you can get exact design and material you desire. You can coat your furniture with various protective substances and be sure that it will withstand termites, weather or any other problems. You also get the exact colors and shades for the furniture if you build it at home.

Great idea for family time. You and your son or daughter can have a great time while you teach them how to build useful things. You can also build furniture with your wife or husband while having fun in the workshop. Building furniture can be a useful option for family bonding.

Keep your artistic side alive. Creating something often boosts your confidence and passion. Building furniture at home can motivate you to create more art. You can also learn new ways to design and create furniture and hone your woodworking skills to make beautiful furniture.


Hard to make difficult designs. Initially you would find it extremely hard to make beautiful designs and carvings. Although you can learn over time, for the first few months, you won’t be able to build anything spectacular in your workshop.

Building furniture consumes time. If you need something urgently then you can’t wait for free time or weekends for making it yourself. You will have to manage without the item for a while if you don’t want to buy it.

Savings versus time and effort. Many simple things such as chairs or stools may be available for cheaper rates in the market as they can be made using highly efficient machines. Even if you are building something bigger, the savings may not be worth the time and effort.

Tools, workshop and training. You will have to buy the basic tools such as a saw, wood hammer, bench vice etc. If you plan on creating intricate designs then you will also need lathe machine, drilling machine etc. Then you will have to set up a workplace which has enough space and does not disturb people in case you are using the electric saw or hammer. Finally, you need to learn how to operate the tools. Mechanical tools can cause serious injury if not handled and used carefully.

If after reading this you side with the pros then here are some places to learn how to do it a little better:

Here are a few places to read reviews on various tools you may need:

Overall, you can use these pros and cons to decide if you would like to build their own furniture at home or buy ready-made furniture. It is advised that people keep an open mind and choose between building your own furniture or buying it after weighing the factors according to need of the situation.

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