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Almost everything you need to know about hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring review

Hardwood flooring is an extremely durable product that makes an excellent flooring option for just about any room inside of the home. A lot of homeowners choose to install hardwood flooring in their kitchen, bedrooms, entryway, living rooms, recreational rooms and just about every single room inside the home. Hardwood flooring has a natural look that is very desirable for homeowners.

Beautiful kitchen and hardwood floor
Beautiful kitchen and hardwood floor

beautiful example

Advantages of hardwood flooring

  • Hardwood floors are hygienic.

According to some health experts, the carpets can impact the health of people, especially those with the respiratory issues and asthma, etc. because of the parasites that they harbor. On the other hand, the hardwood floor is a smooth surface, and it doesn't allow the dust mites or fleas to impact the human health.

  • No Unpleasant Odor

If there is something that split on a hardwood floor, then it will never produce an unpleasant odor as carpets do. The polished wood can easily be wiped away, whereas it is very hard to clear a carpet from the things such as the odors from the animals, etc.

  • Efficient insulator

Hardwood floors have a naturally warm and cozy look, and wood is an efficient insulator. According to Macwoods you can further enhance the insulation properties of your hardwood floor by taking two steps; adding extra insulation and installing a floor heating system. Extra insulation can be added in the form of wool, cellulose, wood fiber boards and plant fiber boards. An extra layer of insulation will ensure that heat does not escape from the floor, thereby keeping it warm and cozy. You can also opt for an efficient under-floor heating system to enhance the insulation properties of your hardwood flooring. An under-floor heating system will further enable you to save on your energy bills by not only heating the floor but the entire room as well. This will let you turn down your main thermostat a few degrees, thereby resulting in significant savings on electricity.

  • Easily cleaned

The hardwood floors will be quickly cleaned, which is just another benefit to hardwood flooring. It can't gather the dust and allergens like other floors because the surface is smooth. A dry broom across the surface is usually all that is required to get the floor cleaned, unlike the mopping of tile and the vacuuming and shampooing of carpets.

  • It looks beautiful (see picture below)
Open plan room with wooden flooring
Open plan room with wooden flooring

beautiful example

Disadvantages of hardwood floors

  • Prone to damp

Moisture is the most significant enemy of hardwood floors and excess exposure to it can lead to serious mold problems.

  • Prone to scratches

Hardwood flooring is prone to get scratched or chipped when subject to heavy use. Wet mopping the wood can dull and damage the surface of the flooring.

  • Discoloration

Discoloration or fading is also a common problem of hardwood flooring. The most prominent cause of this is through the floors constant exposure to sunlight.

  • Not pet friendly they cant grip the surface very well
Mouldy wood flooring
Mouldy wood flooring

moldy hardwood flooring

Hardwood floors are more in demand these days. People are considering the flooring type as it adds;

  • value
  • beauty
  • class
  • elegance to the room

Taking good care of your hardwood flooring will make sure you can enjoy the increased appearance benefits it will bring for a prolonged period.

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