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Soundproof bedrooms - What`s it all about

Soundproof Bedrooms

I can already hear the first thing that comes to your mind, and I’ll start by answering the main question you have… why would you want a soundproof bedroom? Well, the biggest answer is to stop sound from coming in rather than coming out…


The importance of blocking sound from coming into a room can have tremendous advantages. With the majority of modern-day homes now having timber frame walls, the walls aren’t as soundproof as what they once were. Homes are now also built using an open plan template and lightweight construction materials… those once quite and relaxing Sunday mornings are now a thing of the past. With escalated volumes of traffic, machinery, road-works and general civilization noise it’s no surprise more and more people are looking at ways to prevent those pesky and disturbing outside noises from getting into our homes so you can finally have your Sunday morning’s back!

Soundproofing your bedroom can also be beneficial in keeping noise in. Imagine you are an aspiring singer, DJ or producer and you need to dedicate as much time as possible to your chosen profession to help you succeed; now this is when a soundproof bedroom or room would come in handy to prevent you from disrupting everyone else!

Musical instruments

Before we get onto the best ways to get a soundproof bedroom, let’s take a quick look into how sound actually works.

Sound is primarily made up of many vibrations. As an object vibrates, moment is created in the form of waves and the waves travel through the air, bouncing off objects or until it hits our ears. Our ears then determine what the sound is. The slower the sound wave frequency is, the lower the sound is to our ears and the faster the sound wave frequency, the higher pitch our ears pick. If we are looking as to why a sound is louder or quieter, then we look at the amplitude of the sound wave. Sound waves with greater amplitudes sound louder in our ears than waves with lower amplitudes.

For a full in-depth guide, click here


So, how do you actually soundproof your bedroom then? Well, read below to find the most effective methods.

Soundproof Doors

If you look at a room, the door is the largest opening. With modern day homes now made of inexpensive materials, this has also affected the door. With many doors now being made from timber and largely hollow, the doorway is the biggest leak in letting the sound out, or in.

The solution to this is fairly simple, opt for a solid door. With a solid door, the construction is much more refined and is ideal at blocking sound due to its density compared to that of a hollow door. If you are looking for prices, then be prepared to know what material you are wanting as prices can fluctuate with solid oak doors. The solid core oak door below is a fantastic solution.

Solid Core Oak Interior Door Slab - Homedepot


Top tip – for that extra soundproofing on your door, remember to weather-strip the outsides - an extremely cost-effective soundproof addition – about £4 per strip for rubber and £15 for a foam or metal strip.

Soundproof Ceilings & Walls

The most common way to soundproof your ceilings or walls is to look at adhesive foam soundproofing sheets. You will instantly recognize the symbolic ‘cone’ design of the foam as it’s often the top choice in recording studios. The foam, generally constructed of polyurethane serves the purpose of reducing sound through mass insulation, damping waves and absorbing waves.

These can be picked up in a variety of colors and options and are most commonly available from independent sellers on eBay or Amazon. You could also try a industrial supply shop such as Grainger

Acoustic Panel - 2ft by 4ft


soundproof wall

If you are not a fan of the ‘cone style’ soundproofing fabric then alternate flat wall panels that work in the same way are also available, these are priced at roughly £200 for a 24” by 48” panel.

Does Soundproof Wallpaper Work

Another way, which doesn’t work as well as the methods above, is to opt for soundproof wallpaper. Soundproof wallpaper is generally a standard sheet of wallpaper but backed with a very thin and foam or rubber type of material. Occasionally soundproof wallpaper can have a ‘fold-able effect’ to provide a small dampening of sound. This method will not control sound waves very effectively but it does provide a slight noise reduction. A relatively cheap alternative at about £25 per role "soundproof wallpaper UK".

Soundproof Curtains

Possibly the most cost-effective item on the list. An excellent way to improve the soundproofing of your room is also to look at furnishings such as curtains. With window’s often being another big source of sound waves getting in and out of a room, a heavy set of dense curtains or specially designed soundproof curtains can work wonders.

Available in a variety of styles and colors, soundproofing curtains are a favorite choice of ours as they can look exactly like a regular curtain and keep the aesthetics of the room in piece. Sound blocking curtains are an inexpensive option with most available online from Amazon or eBay for around £40. For finishing touches add some tassels like the one below from Homesdirect365

Purple Glass Ball Tassel - £24.99


Soundproof Floors

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that laminate flooring or tiles are possibly the worst for soundproofing a room! You can practically hear every footstep and movement made on them. Hard or solid floors give sound waves the chance to bounce back and forth like bouncy balls thus making hard thin plastic surfaces the worst option. Opt for ‘softer’ materials instead, big and thick carpets are perfect. The density and materials create a perfect ‘cushion’ like effect which absorbs sound very effectively.

Adding Mass (Shoestring Budget)

Similar to curtains and carpet, a quick rule of thumb, if you want to soundproof your room on a shoestring budget, is to simply add mass. Sounds easy? That’s because it is.

This option may not be the neatest or tidiest but it does work. Simply add mass in the form of whatever you can find and it will help contribute to reducing noise coming in or out of your room. This could be in the form of old blankets, duvets or sheets. Position them over hard floors to reduce noise or hang them from walls. If the room is looking a bit drab, then don't forget to add some pretty accessories!

Atlas Framed Art From Homesdirect365 £144.99


Set of Two Soaring Seagulls Wall Art From Frontgate - £75.19

Soaring Seagulls Wall Art

The methods above should help you get on your way to blocking sound from coming in and out of your bedroom in no time, giving you ultimate peace and quiet or privacy.

Let us know your thoughts or if you have any ideas of yourself!

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