3d ceramic floor tiles

Interior design ideas for ceramic, wall & floor tiles in 2017

Modern wall, surface & floor tiles nowadays more resemble art than being functional interior design features, with the continued development of new and innovative decor patterns, adding sophistication and charm to people’s homes. They can be used highlight special structures in kitchens such as a hob centerpiece with unique ceramic tile back splash, or bring bathrooms to life with exotic shapes and colours of tiling, such as quirky interlocking tiles or mirrored tiles.

Easy maintenance, as well as great for design

Conventional wall & ceramic floor tile styles are easy to clean and hard-wearing, making them ideal for bathroom and kitchens. They come in many styles that include rustic, natural tones to match furnishings, restroom décor as well as the kitchen area. Having a the walls and floors tiled with ceramics is a mix of functionality and simplicity, giving a welcoming look to any interior design project.

Grey marble tiled bathroom design

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Tiles available in all shapes and sizes

Ceramic floor tiles for bathroom and kitchen interiors are readily available in numerous patterns, shades, shapes and sizes. Natural rock, block or timber like ceramic tile styles are a new contemporary trend that develops the look of homely, hipster, rustic-style conventional houses. Wall and floor ceramic tile styles that copy the look of rock, natural stone and various types of timber give a stunning appearance as well as sense of quality; pleasurable shades as well as old European appeal to both contemporary bathroom and kitchens.

Caulk Brown Mosaic Natural Rock Tiles

Contemporary ceramic tiles for a unique style

Modern ceramic tiles can simulate a variety of unusual materials, from natural leather, material, shoelaces (or even chocolate!) and look both glamorous and unique. You can get a remarkable feel for your room with these types of ceramic tile layouts and they will produce a lovely wall, surface or floor decor. Modern surface ceramic tiles such as these can also offer a softer touch to contemporary bathroom and kitchen decoration, including an unusual as well as ethnic taste to contemporary houses.

Contemporary wall, surface or floor tiles look fashionable and can be very imaginative. Shiny surfaces in different colours and shades as well as layouts enable you to develop really individual, classy as well as practical kitchen area designs or shower rooms, that mix the modern-day art with hard wearing easy to clean rooms.

Extravagant ceramic tiles with Swarovski crystals bring extravagant embellishing concepts right into modern-day houses, developing trendy, strange and also sophisticated bathroom interiors.

Leather Effect Tile

Swarovski Chrystal Tiles

Swarovski Bejewelled Tiles

Ceramic tiles used as mosaics to create your own design

Mosaic ceramic tile styles that jumble up various materials & designs act as little ornamental panels. Made from steel, ceramic as well as glass & mosaic floor tiles, these unique patterns in floors, on walls & surfaces make ceramic tiles for bathroom and kitchen designing a must if you want to have a unique look. Mosaic ceramic tiles are ideal for level as well as uneven surface areas. Hexagonal as well as round, oblong as well as triangular, zig-zag as well as wavy mosaic ceramic tile layouts are specifically trendy.

Hexagonal Steel Tiles

Steel Tiled Kitchen Design

Tile trends that are up and coming in 2017

Black/white or vivid wall surface ceramic tile styles, consisting of steel, ceramic, timber and glass ceramic tiles for bathroom and kitchen wall surfaces, develop all sort of patterned stripes as well as geometric patterns, providing intense, fascinating as well as vibrant interior decoration and also unique styled patterns for 2017 interior designers.

Glass wall or surface ceramic tiles could be integrated with various other wall or surface tile layouts in matching shades, and also act as effective illumination for the whole bathroom. That’s why you see a lot of mirrors and glass typically in bathrooms since they open up what is often a very small space. for a superior wall surface design with mosaic floor tiles as well as remarkable makeovers of shower rooms as well as kitchen floors. Bouncing light around the room, some designs can make your room seem larger.

Top Bathrooms, a bathroom designer based in the UK offered us some advice on using single toned tiles in bathroom design:

“Wall, surface & floor tile styles in single tones such as a rustic stone, integrated with a gorgeous patterned appearance bring a powerful look to any room. These can help you develop a trendy bathroom decor as well as make it a relaxing and also tranquil place to be within your home. Today’s technology offers outstanding 3D ceramic, glass or polymer tiles with dimensions that include depth and decorative custom objects within them. With such customization at your fingertips, you can make your bathroom a truly modern creation, helping you maximise the beauty and space potential of your bathroom.”

Circular mosaic tiled pattern

3d ceramic floor tiles

Rustic Stone Tiles

Floral & geometric patterns, timeless floor tile geometric layouts & modern abstract wall surfaces are also really current in 2017.

For instance, natural environment styles like fallen leaves & flower concepts are one of the most preferred wall, surface or floor tiles for cooking area designing in eco themed design. Eco themed fallen leaves & flower wall, surface & floor tile layouts could be integrated into a single room design as well as having all matching rooms with floor tiles in matching shades or complimentary colours. Finally, shiny ceramic tiles & printed floor tile layouts on matte surface areas can look really remarkable and with a creative touch can be very attractive.

Fallen Leaf Patterned Tiles

We hope we’ve given you some ideas and inspiration for your next kitchen or bathroom renovation, and they ways in which you can use tiles to enhance the space available!

This article was a collaboration of the Fandango interior designers as well as Elstow Ceramics, a ceramic tile company who specialize in ceramic floor tiles and Top Bathrooms Flitwick, who design and fit bathrooms. Follow their blog for more specific tile design tips and trends, or for general interior design advice, return to our main blog section here.